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Infinity Arts Productions IAPC Corp. is a Barrie based Production Company that was founded by Alinka Angelova. It is a Corporation that is built up of different types of entertainment mediums such as Film, Stage, Print, Commercials, and Tv.
Companies like, Infinity Performing Arts Studio (IPAS), Infinity Stage, Infinity Talent Agency (Developing), Infinity Music (Developing) and Infinity films/Tv (Developing), are all under the corporate umbrella of Infinity Arts Productions IAPC Corp.

Infinity Stage

Infinity Stage is a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. One of the major operations that will be taking place at the Infinity Stage location is our ‘Meal and a Show’, which will occur once or twice per month. This community is limited to local clubs, bars and regular theatre shows in a standard theatre. That is why we created Infinity Stage, ‘Meal and a Show’ to add more variety in the city of Barrie!

Infinity Stage offers high-quality, wholesome, and affordable live entertainment in a clean, quaint, and elegant facility. It brings family-oriented as well as adult entertainment to those in the community who would otherwise travel to other cities for this kind of enjoyment.




Alinka Angelova

Alinka Angelova's talent for writing, singing, and acting, all came to light at a very young age, and even more so when she began writing her own musicals such as, At Last, Running back to you, MUTE, Oceanus, and I saw Christmas. She's also very good at creating new and exciting talent shows such as "Born to be a Star", and "Featuring U".


Robert Chambers

"Maserful!", "Effortless!", "Talented!", "Gifted!" These are a few of the words used to describe Multi-nominated, Producer, Composer Award Winning 2007 New Artist of the Year, Robert Chambers. He is recognized as one of the premier gospel pianist internationally and attributes his musical success and gifts to the Almighty God. Without any formal training,

Robert Chambers, Musical Director for INFINITY ARTS PRODUCTIONS

BROOKLYN CHENARD, Dance Coach / Choreographer for Infinity Performing Arts Studio


GWYN BEAVER, Vocal Coach

Gwyn Beaver

DAWN CAIN, Acting Coach for Infinity Performing Arts Studio



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Contact Us today for the latest information about our events.

Contact Us

Contact Us today for the latest information about our events.