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Infinity Arts Productions IAPC Corp. is a Barrie based Production Company that was founded by Alinka Angelova. It is a Corporation that is built up of different types of entertainment mediums such as Film, Stage, Print, Commercials, and Tv.
Companies like, Infinity Performing Arts Studio (IPAS), Infinity Stage, Infinity Talent Agency (Developing), Infinity Music (Developing) and Infinity films/Tv (Developing), are all under the corporate umbrella of Infinity Arts Productions IAPC Corp.

The executive team here at Infinity Arts Productions IAPC Corp., has the expertise, experience, and commitment to help this company deliver high class entertainment to the residents and visitors of Barrie Ontario and the surrounding areas. It is the goal of Infinity Arts Productions IAPC Corp. to provide outstanding entertainment in a professional manner and environment to all its spectators.

Infinity Arts Productions IAPC Corp. provides full time, part time, and contracted positions to performers of all walks of life without discrimination to age, gender or physical disabilities. The provided entertainment, both live and film, will be presented at Infinity Stage, and/or sometimes the Georgian Theatre, Five Points Theatre, and other locations across Toronto and the GTA.