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Registration for IPAS SEPTEMBER 2024 – June 2025

To register online, please fill out the registration form below. You will receive an email or phone call by one of our representatives to set up your time slot for your orientation.

These are the available workshop days/times you for your child:

Mondays (Ages, 4-6): 5pm – 6:30pm
Mondays (Ages, 7-11): 6:35pm – 8:35pm
Wednesdays (Ages, 7-11): 5pm – 7pm
Wednesdays (Ages, 9-13): 7:05pm – 9:05pm
Thursdays (Ages, 7 – 12): 5pm – 7pm
Thursdays (Ages, 12 – 18): 7:05pm – 9:05pm


MONTHLY FEES AND PAYMENT PACKAGES – SEPTEMBER 2023 – JUNE 2024 (Please note that there is a one time registration fee of $100 at the time of registration):

Monthly fee – $120 plus HST = $135.60 (This option is automatic debit through credit cards or postdated cheques only. If you choose this option, you may pay the first month and costume/registration fee here, and then a representative with contact you for your credit card details for the remaining months.)
1st Semester fee (Sept. – Dec.): $480 plus HST (with a 5% discount)= $515.28
2nd Semester fee (Jan. – June): $720 plus HST (with a 5% discount)= $772.92
Full Year fee (Sept. – June): $1200 plus HST (with a 10% discount)= $1220.40

Please fill out the form below, and then come back and click buy now or send an e-transfer to: admin@infinityartsproductions.com along with your one time resgistration fee of $100. If you choose to pay your fee by cheque, please bring monthly post-dated cheques for the full year to our head office.

*NOTE* If you are purchasing online below, there is an extra 4% service charge that will be added to the total. To avoid paying the 4% service charge, you may pay by e-transfer (admin@infinityartsproductions.com), or in person BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at the IPAS head office (located at 4 Alliance blvd. Unit #4 &5, Barrie ON) where there is NO EXTRA FEE.



IPAS Monthly Fee:

$135.60 + 4% (Online service charge)  =$141.02

1st Semester fee (Sept – Dec): $515.28 + 4% (Online service charge) = $535.89

 2nd Semester fee (Jan – June): $772.92 + 4% (Online service charge) = $803.84

Full Semester fee (Sept – June): $1220.40 + 4% (Online service charge) = $1269.21

Registration Fee ​(One time): ​$100 + 4% (Online service charge) = $104