Script and Songs Written By Alinka Angelova

Directed by Alinka Angelova

Music composed by Robert Chambers

Song, ‘In the Lowest Valley’ Written and created by Robert Chambers, and Jerome Chambers

Poster by: Jerome Chambers

“The Lost Heroes of Oro” is an immersive narrative that transports you through the historical events of the 1700s-1800s, shedding light on a significant chapter of Canada’s past: slavery. At its heart, the story revolves around one of Canada’s Black heroes, Richard Pierpoint, and the profound connection between his journey and the African Methodist Episcopal Church nestled in Oro-Medonte. Through song, drama and dance, this captivating tale reaches back to the African continent, offering a glimpse into the remarkable life of Richard Pierpoint, a Black former slave. Driven by unwavering ambition, relentless determination, and an unshakable passion, Pierpoint embarked on a courageous journey that ultimately led him to the shores of Canada. His mission: to fulfill a destiny forged by his enduring spirit and resilience.

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